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Bækgaarden Horse Festival 2017 starts in


Bækgaarden Youngster

Kamila e. Aston er en af de mest betydningsfulde heste på Bækgaarden gennem tiderne.Kamila e. Aston er en af de mest betydningsfulde heste på Bækgaarden gennem tiderne.In Youngster, we work with breeding and training of horses from foals to international competition horses as well as buying and selling them.
Every year we breed a small handful of foals and in addition to that, we try to future-proof the business and sport at Bækgaarden, by purchasing some foals of good descent and type.
Currently, the horse team consists primarily of a large group of talented young horses, feeling and bothering everybody in front of the long-standing process of being a fully-trained Grand Prix horse, whether in jumping or dressage.

Over the years, many successful jumping horses have been given their education here at Bækgaarden.

Below and in the menu on the left, some of the horses that are at the Bækgaarden can be seen just for the moment, as well as some of the ones that have been here before.

Diva ZDiva ZI 2016 fik vi på Bækgaarden følgende afkom af egen avl:

Cuba Z, hoppe e. Christian (Cartani/Lord Liberty) ua. Astine e. Aston/Weinberg

Dakota Z, hoppe e. Dimitri Z (Diarado/Carthago) ua. Angilina e. A'Khan Z/Nimmerdor

Disney Z, hingst e. Dimitri Z (Diarado/Carthago) ua. Nina Ricci e. Numero Uno/A'Khan Z

Diniz Z, hoppe e. Dimitri Z (Diarado/Carthago) ua. Wonderfull Lady e. Gentleman/Mr. Blue

In 2017 we expect 1 foal:
e. Favorit Ask ua. Ashley e. Aston